House Volary
based on "volarských barns", which was around Volar until war over 1000. Barns used both for storing hay for the winter, and more of them as "One summer work". For haymaking were working for days, if the drought, so it slept in the hayloft. At the time of the fires, people lived in the hayloft until such time as they built a new house.
From the cottage new house
after the actor Jaroslav Marvan was a new house by modifying an existing barn. The main living space utilizes the entire height of the original barn completely airy and offers a generous living room with kitchen and dining area.
House in Cheb
in southern slope near the city center. Sloping land and the overall shape of the building lots allowed to create the design of the house with large glass areas to the south with beautiful views.
House or barn?
On the ground plan of the original building of the barn directly inside the interior block, a new detached house, which is wedged between an enclosed courtyard with a swimming pool and western parts of the garden.
Písecká Polévkárna
Proposal for a healthy fast food in Pisek. The layout respects the spatial possibilities of the house in the street. Chelčického. The idea was to create as many seats as well as a functioning traffic zone.
Family House in Prague
Draft a house in Prague Písnice originated on the basis of a sound award. The layout of the house fit into a built-up area of ​​159 square meters. The house was possible to squeeze into 150 m2, But investor opted for a larger living room area.
House near Pisek
The house is oriented with its longer side south. Respects the conditions of the building plot and character sloping land uses in terms of views of the surrounding countryside. The actual building of the house is located in the northern part of the site. From the boundary of the plot driveway leading to the garage. The spacious terrace with shelter and contemplated pool faces south. In the northern part of the house is designed cellar, which is partially embedded into the existing terrain.
House near Pisek
The house is situated in a beautiful location overlooking the mountains Písecké. The land is considerably steep and offers superb views, which are mainly oriented to the north side.
Apartment in the center of Pisek
Modifying commercial space was beautiful apartment 2 + kk in the center of Pisek. The apartment is connected to the offices facing the street. The solution is suitable for freelancers, wanting to partially separate his work from his private, but working from home. The entire design is decorated in bright colors.
Dřevostavba - barn
It is a wooden conceived as a skeleton with light wooden mantle. Construction originates in picturesque surroundings on the edge of a small village pond.
Attic built - Liderovice
Within the construction work of the house in Liderovice originated in the attic new rentable rooms. Entry is completely separate entrance with stairs. Attic offers two double bedrooms, shared kitchen and bathroom with WC. Ground floor is used for housing and owner in the basement created a new wellness.
Wellness Liderovice
Draft wellness centers in the cellar of the house. The layout has been limited by existing support structures, Yet the capacity for wellness 4-6 people and offers a sauna, pair, relaxation room and showers. Operation of wellness will be used in part by the owner and a frequent guest in the new lodgings, which arise in the attic.
Straw House Spring
ecological house of straw bearing on the level of the deficit. Slamáček responds to relatively complex conditions on the selected plot, which is significantly sloping from south to north. House 4 kk is designed for
Office space
Interior design study addressed two offices. The dominant element is selected from solid wood desks made of rosewood ...
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Construction work of the original building preserved only perimeter walls and part of the original roof. The house was largely insulated, got a new stove, who care and thermal comfort in the cold winter months. Implementation was performed on a key during 5 months of construction and demolition work one month. ...
Construction of the apartment building was started in early August 2013. At the beginning of July the removal of the original farmhouse and associated landscaping. Construction continued steadily until December, when the building was conserved for the whole winter. ...
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