Completion of the house

Construction work for the house in Pisek comprised primarily proposal as architectural study, project, demolition followed by the construction itself. The building has undergone a total change of layout, in which it was necessary to incorporate new investor demands. Of the original building have been preserved only perimeter walls and part of the original roof. The house was largely insulated, got a new stove, who care and thermal comfort in the cold winter months. In addition to the new outer coat of the house are new floors, ceilings and all social amenities, including built-in furniture. Implementation was performed on a key during 5 months of construction and demolition work one month. The next phase of repairs to the house is prepared construction of wooden buildings at the site after the original barn. The new building will serve as a shelter parking for one car and also storage space for wood and small facilities for gardening equipment. Once the completed barn there will be landscaping and minor finishing work.

Architectural study with the design of building alterations family house in Pisek, visit here

Architectural study proposed new barns, visit here

Progress of implementation of the construction diary, visit here

Author study: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Author projektu: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Consultation: Mgr. Libuse Irberová
Implementing construction company: František Galčík
Supervision on site: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Investor: private

Realization: August 2014 – February 2015