Office space

Interior studies address new demands for office space, that are part of the house. The proposal arose two offices into account the requirements of the owner. The offices are located workbench, storage, TV, library and bed. Larger office with little modification can serve as a temporary guest room. The dominant feature of both offices are made of solid wood desks made of rosewood light honey color. Shelves and storage spaces are designed in white. An interesting design element is selected Fibonacci panel of Korian, covering existing cabinet. The solutions are newly elected lights, which illustrates the minimalist atmosphere of both offices.

By design: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Consultation: Mgr. Libuse Irberová
By visualizing: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Location: South Bohemia
Investor: –
Inter. study: May 2012
Realization: June to September 2013

Photos from the implementation can be viewed here

Design visualization: