House with name Spring

The architectural study house of straw carrier. The main advantage of carrying straw are its low cost. Savings compared to eg. zděnému house is close to almost ten times when compared to prices of building materials for the same size house. This material has excellent thermal insulation properties. When the thickness of external walls 50 cm, the house easily assigned to passive houses. It is a natural material, which naturally breathes and helps create a healthy climate for housing. The proposed building responds to the quite difficult conditions on the selected plot, which is significantly sloping from south to north. House 4 kk is designed for a family of four. Space in the attic offers plenty of storage space and in the future to extend the whole house attic.

Built-up area: 150 m2
Usable area without terrace: 122 m2
The volume of enclosed space: 840 m3
The volume of the heated space: cca 350 m3

Author Solutions: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Consultation: Mgr. Libuse Irberová
By visualizing: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Architectural study: 12/2013 – 02/2014

Look at family home: