House near Pisek

The proposed solution respects the capacity to enter each floor. The house is oriented with its longer side south. Respects the conditions of the building plot and character sloping land uses in terms of views of the surrounding countryside. The actual building of the house is located in the northern part of the site. From the boundary of the plot driveway leading to the garage. The spacious terrace with shelter and contemplated pool faces south. In the northern part of the house is designed cellar, which is partially embedded into the existing terrain. In arch.studii is considered a partial comparison of sloping land. Around the house gives a smaller difference of heights, which is dealt svahováním and that creates a sheltered from the north and east sides of the parcel. The house is designed with a gable roof, dormer windows and two striking, that improve headroom in the bedroom and children's room. Residential ground floor is largely open just on the south side due to heat gains and makes use of views from the interior of the surrounding countryside, which for this purpose invites. The living room uses height elevation and opens in the form of spacious gallery in the attic of the. Attic works as a rest area with a bedroom and two children's rooms and bathrooms. The gallery is a small office with library. To the workspace light is applied two roof windows.

By design: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber, Ing.arch. Iveta Nováková
Consultation: Mgr. Libuse Irberová

Architectural study 2016/10
Is in progress – building permit

Draft visible: