Construction work for houses

Family house is located in Bystré u shelves in a quiet residential area. Construction work for the house include complete project including interior insulation study, which deals with the change of layout and design of interior design. Downstairs there is a small bathroom with bath and second floor is a large bathroom with shower. In addition to bathrooms can be viewed as a proposal kitchen with dinette, which is designed as an open layout with interconnected living room. The floors are original animated parquet, which are complemented by wooden furniture in whitened oak, white laminate and all complemented by accents of green-blue design. The kitchen was designed by a new ceiling, which is used for distribution of controlled ventilation. The individual appliances are designed as freestanding.

Interior study:
By design: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber
Consultation: Mgr. Libuse Irberová

Project insulation:
Elaborated: Ing.arch. Tomas Irber, Filip Toth

Interior study 2015/05
Project insulation 2014/10

See visualization of interior design: